Interesting places in Armenia

  • Posted: 04.02.2021
  • Yerevan, the capital of Armenia

    Have you ever wondered what would you do if you’d been born elsewhere and would visit your country as a traveller? Have you ever thought what you would like there the most or what would you do there?

    I’ve given many thoughts to these questions. One thing I know is that I would like to experience the country to the full. I would like to feel its atmosphere, would talk to the people and make new acquaintances. I would eat the local food and try to find out what the main activities are here. I would visit interesting places and cozy local cafes or bookstores. I would try to make the best out of my time!

    With all the commute, you might consider driving in order to make sure to visit all of your beloved people. Once you are here, rent a car in Armenia, to make your holidays even more comfortable and convenient. When thinking of me as a stranger here, most probably these are the places to visit in Armenia I would enjoy the most:

    Yerevan - The Country’s Capital

    I would start from Yerevan- the country’s capital. Everyone has their strange habits while visiting a new city, mine is checking the local bookstores. Therefore, I am sure I would enjoy Zangak bookstore. Most probably, I’d been amazed with Mirzoyan Library both because of its amazing architecture and for its unique collection of photobooks. I would visit it in the mornings to drink a cup of coffee and get lost in a book. In the evenings I’ll go back there to check how its atmosphere changes from cozy to vibrant while the library gathers the youth for another party lasting the whole night.

    Dishes in Armenia

    Discover Local Dishes

    While I would spend one of my mornings discovering the local market eating dried fruits and Armenian sweets, I would go for a walk afterwards. From Mashtots to Baghramyan avenue or from Teryan to Tumanyan street, I would endlessly wander in the streets unless I would know all of them by heart. I would eat at local restaurants trying Dolma and Ghapama, as well as local Khorovats. My day would end most probably drinking wine in one of the wineries located in Saryan street or at the pubs of Pushkin street grabbing beer with locals.

    Wings of Tatev, Armenia

    Sightseeing places in Armenia

    However, as the interesting places in Armenia are not limited to those located in the capital only, I would also visit Armenia’s oldest monasteries and other sightseeing places. I am sure I will be amazed with the country’s breathtaking nature, especially in the provinces of Syunik and Tavush. I would enjoy “Wings of Tatev” - the longest cable car in the world, as well as the beauty of nature around Tatev. If visiting Armenia in the summer, I will go for a swim to Sevan - the famous lake located very close to Yerevan, where everyone goes swimming during summer. If visiting the country during winter, I might’ve considered going for skiing to Tsaghkadzor, which is also a spa town and a health resort.

    No matter East or West, South or North, you can rent a car and head to all the possible destinations in the shortest period of time.

    Things do in Armenia might seem endless for me now, because I am a local very familiar to all of these places, yet, if I were a tourist, I am sure I would like the country anyways and it would’ve been among favorites in my list of the countries visited!

    So, do not hesitate to travel to Armenia. Whether you like checking the bookstores as I do, or prefer visiting the famous spots and sightseeing places, the country has what it takes to win your heart!