Interview with slovak model Monica Viharova

  • Posted: 05.01.2021
  • Interview with slovak model Monica Viharova

    1) When and how did you decide to become a model?

    I decided to be a model during my University studies when I was around 20 years old. At first was it for me only hobby, collecting experience as TFP photomodel. But later I founded passion in photo shooting and I started to do paid commercial photo shootings for brands, agencies and fashion oriented clients.

    2) Tell me about your education and training related to modeling.

    I have been doing photo modeling for about 5 years. Every photo shoot is something interesting and always different, so I enjoy it. This means that people are constantly improving and only through practice can they get better and better.

    3) What is your greatest strength, as a model?

    My strongest point is I think my eyes and penetrating look in the photos. That's why I'm good at fashion photography and that's why I personally found myself the most in them.

    Interview with slovak model

    4) Describe how you build relationships with the creative team, stylist, photographer or your fellow models.

    During the photo shoot, I really enjoy the attention, and that the whole team take care of me including stylist, make-up artist through the photographer. I like when the photographer gives me instructions and I can learn and improve with posing and expressing emotions.

    5) Tell me about your most difficult and most interesting photo shoot. That means you are also a psychologist, this is true? :)

    The hardest photo shoot for me was taking a photo of the calendar when it wasn't very warm outside at about 10 degrees and I didn't have so many clothes. It was pretty hard to look happy and nice in these conditions.

    The most interesting photo shoot was in Rome - Italy, where we photographed in the historic center of the city with landmark such as the Colosseum. These are really memorable photos for me and I remember to it very gladly.

    6) What advice can you give to aspiring models?

    I definitely recommend not to give up to young girls who would like to become a photomodel, even if the surroundings do not always support and are enthusiastic. Starting with TFP photography is the best experience, and if you will doing successfully, then the offers for paid photo shoots will start coming on their own.

    7) How do you see a modern girl?

    I perceive the modern girl as a girl who is familiar with the world of fashion and social media. However, she is not superficial and knows his values. The most important thing is always being yourself, no matter what happens.

    8) About Italy - Rome, Milan, Venice? What’s your fave and Why? :)

    I prefer Milan. I've never seen a better fashion city where people have so great style and so many fashion boutiques. I absolutely love it!

    9) What’s your favourite travel experience and why?

    My best travel experience is from Dubai in 2019. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to going back there in a few years and seeing what's new and changed in the city. It is such a fast growing city. There is so much to see and I definitely recommend visiting: Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, Old Dubai, Dubai Marina, Beautiful Dubai Gardens, Hotel Atlantis and Burj al Arab. Near Dubai with bus around 2 hours is Abu Dhabi with the Divine Temple and Yaz Beach.

    Interview with slovak model

    10) Since you are from Slovakia, tell us 5 things to do in Slovakia while travelling :)

    In Slovakia, as the current finalist of the Miss tourism 2020/2021 competition, I have to highlight the following things:

    1. High Tatras - monumental beautiful mountains
    2. Mountain lakes - Štrbské and Popradske pleso
    3. My hometown Košice with a beautiful historical city center
    4. Bojnice beautiful castle
    5. Zemplínska Šírava - a large water reservoir that will serve as a super relax place instead of the sea in the summer months

    • IG: @monica_vihar
    • FB: @monika.viharova

    It was very nice interview and I love it very much, it’s a great honor to have an opportunity interview with Monica, thanks dear!

    pictures provided by Monika Viharova