Interview with lifestyle and travel blogger Natalie Hajinelian

  • Posted: 05.06.2020
  • Interview with lifestyle and travel blogger

    Photo: DigitalDayBook

    1) Please share a few facts about yourself

    • Hawaii by birth
    • Armenian Lebanon by blood
    • New York by choice
    I love learning new languages. I have knowledge in Armenian, English, Turkish, Spanish, and Arabic.

    2) Tell me about your blog (website, Instagram, Facebook)

    Lifestyle, travel, and food
    I take pleasure in writing about my personal experience and sharing the little knowledge that I gain while experiencing life. I have a very unique perspective being from Hawaii where the dominant ethnicities are Eastern cultures, while being of Armenian Lebanese background.

    3) Where do you find inspiration? What motivates you?

    I am motivated by my family, I have watched them build something out of nothing in a completely foreign land, while dealing with the stresses of their home, Lebanon, burning to ashes. They have sacrificed everything to provide me and my brother the life that we have and if I can be a ¼ of what they are I find that as an accomplishment.

    Interview with blogger Natalie Hajinelian

    4) What’s your favorite destination and why?

    Aside from where my ancestral roots are of Lebanon and Armenia. My favorite destination would be Athens, Greece – this is such a cliché answer but the food is absolutely delicious there, surprisingly they have the best coffee in the world, and it is just the most photographic location.

    Interview with blogger Natalie Hajinelian

    5) Do you have any funny travel stories? Please share

    When I traveled to Costa Rica for my university study abroad program, we did a lot of adventurous things. One of them including zip-lining through one of the largest cloud forests in

    Central America. At the end of the zip line experience is a Tarzan jump, where you jump off a platform and just swing in the air like Tarzan. I was not really expecting such a finale but to top things off my instructions in Spanish were this “we are going to open the door, you will bend your knees and just jump” before I had any time to comprehend what they said I was already free-falling. It was an exhilarating experience, to say the least haha.

    Interview with lifestyle and travel blogger

    6) What’s your best travel tip you always give people?

    Be open – whether that is while you are learning the language, trying the cultural cuisines, or meeting new people. You need to be open because you are experiencing how other people are living life and you will be startled what you end up learning.

    7) What are some of your ‘can't-live-without’ accessories? during travelling

    The most underestimated thing you could imagine, but my “can’t-live-without- accessory is my neck pillow haha. I swear by this for long flights and just need that support when I am in a metal tank that is flying through the sky.

    8) Have you ever fallen in love on the roads? if not, is it possible?

    Actually, yes! I met my now-husband during my last days in Lebanon. I randomly met him and was upfront that I am going to leave in a few days so we may be wasting time, but when the time of my flight came I had gone on a few dates with him and just couldn’t leave. I had a gut feeling that this could be more, so I canceled my ticket and ended up staying for over a year after that.

    Interview with blogger Natalie Hajinelian

    9) Do you have a bucket list? What is on it?

    • Ride a gondola in Italy
    • Trek to Machu Picchu
    • Float in the Dead Sea
    • Scale the Sydney Bridge
    • Swim in one of Santorini’s infinite pools
    • See the Big Ben and Eifel Tower while backpacking across Europe

    10) Where can we find you online?

    • Website:
    • Instagram: @digitaldaybk
    • Facebook page: @digitaldaybook

    it’s a great honor to have an opportunity interview with Natalie!!