Interview with Italian Fashion Photographer, Rome

  • Posted: 10.02.2022
  • Italian Fashion Photographer

    1) A bit about yourself and how did you develop an interest in photography?

    I discover photography in my childhood: my dad used an analog Canon and shot in every occasion (holidays, trips, sightseeing and so on), so the camera has been an usual and a very well-known object for me. In high school I got my first digital camera, I started to shoot my classmates and everyday school life. Since then I have never quit photography. I started taking photos of everything: my friends, my neighborhood, everyday life and I keep going on it.

    2) How has photography changed the world and what does photography mean to you?

    Photography changed everything in my opinion. It changed the way we think, the way we look, we act and react. Today we are surrounded by media content like video, advertising, television and more; but a good photo still remains the most direct and fascinating way to make us think, imagine, dream or wonder in my opinion. It could be a weapon to spread out our vision to the world, it could be like words that we cannot express with voice or a way to leave our sign in this life. Anyway the thing I love the most about photography is its magic power: it can take a scene, a memory, a face, a place or whatever and make it eternal, in other words photography can stop time!

    3) What inspires you and what is the highest pleasure of the photographer? where do you get your creative inspiration for fashion photography?

    I am inspired by the beauty of woman above all. I am very fond of women and I love their exquisite way to spread beauty, sensuality and emotions with all their selves, from their bodies to their expressions and poses. Secondly I am getting inspired by nature every day. I love woods above all: they are another thing I think it’s kind of magic. I go there to take photos, occasionally take models there, or I go just to listen, to breathe, to think, to get inspiration as it is something phisycal as well as psychological.

    I think the highest pleasure of the photographer is the excited way a model look and comment a photo I made of her. I love when the tell me that they have had a great time and great fun, they love the results because it is natural, beautiful and very professional. I consider a shooting much an experience (both for myself and for the model), and not only a work; so I take in high consideration the connection and “feeling” with the model.

    For fashion photography I take inspiration from many artists and photographers I follow on social networks. I love eastern-Europe photographers and their mood to take portraits. I have the same taste in making close up portraits, a soft and smooth post production process, the passion to add some natural elements and location into my shootings and they choice to not hire professional models; instead I love to shoot common girls, friends, next door girls, people I find on socials or I meet in the streets. I keep looking for new models and beauties to discover, in fact some girls I shot some years ago now work as models in agencies and get paid. It is like a sort of game for me: I’d like to consider myself as a talent scout photographer ^_^

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Alessandro Guidi

    4) How would you describe your photography style?

    I think it is a very natural style. I do not like artifact post productions so I do not exaggerate with filters or color additions, excessive sharpening and so on. I love to put some “fairy” and “magical” elements in all my shots, so I prefer a diffuse light, warm colors and natural locations when I do not use props.

    There is also a fact I want to share with you: my favourite lens is the CANON EF 100mm F2.8 MACRO L IS USM. That is a macro lens, but I use it everyday and took the 90% of my shots with it. I use it for portraits, for macro of course, but also for street and nature photography (even some distant landscapes!). That lens really define the style of my photos: my portraits are very detailed in the point of focus (macro quality) and beautifully and softly blurred in background.

    5) What do you like most about being a photographer?

    The fact that I work with creativity! My work let me get in touch with many people, work whenever and wherever I want, and therefore that is more a game than a work for me! I play with photography, I experiment, I create. That is absolute freedom and absolute fun!

    I also have a proper job with photography ( I am not sure if I am the only one; but I do not know any others professionals with my same mansion, so maybe I effectively could be the only one): I work with surgeons in operation theatres and I use my skills to take pictures of surgeries and other medical stuff. That is wonderful because I can create my own photography and at the same time I got a monthly salary in a job that actually is photography! Sometimes I think I am the most lucky photographer in the world :D

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Alessandro Guidi

    6) Do you prefer studio or locations shoots?

    Definitely location shoots! I love nature as I already told, anyway I think having a studio is really worth, I wish I could afford one soon. You have always to think about weather conditions and season when you shoot outdoor, also it is not always possible to make certain shooting everywhere. I love to shoot nude sets outdoor, but often you need to reach uncomfortable location, far away to people and safe enough; that is not always easy.

    Fashion Photographer in Rome

    Photo: © Alessandro Guidi

    7) Can you tell me the story of your favorite photo that stands out? your favorite photo location of session?

    I got many photos and many shootings I love, and it is hard for me to choose one above the others. By the way I enjoyed very much a nude shooting I did outdoor with the beautiful Camilla in 2016. We choose a field into the wild country, the weather was cloudy and melancholic. Camilla was just perfect with that mood, with her deep expressions and her outstanding skill for posing. Her interpretation of the location was amazing. We had a great time and I think that is one of the best shootings I’ve ever done

    8) How do you get a connection between you and the model? What are the nuances before shooting?

    Great question: that is the most important part of the shooting I think! I usually get in touch with models by chance, everything starts from a simple like on a pic on Instagram or similar, while I meet everyday other girls in my work and life routines. Anyway I put everything clear from the beginning: I am a photographer and I love take portraits of beautiful girls and make cool shootings. I usually let them look at my portfolio, after I understand what kind of photography they would like, and I ask their impressions.

    I speak very transparently about my ideas and the photos I would like to realize. Every time during the shooting I respect the model and ask her to feel free to tell me everything she needs to: if she is uncomfortable with a certain pose or mood, if she is not at her ease with the location, if she wants to have a break... as well as if she has some ideas, some creativity to share and so on! I think the shooting is not a one way job. Connection, trust, feeling with the model is essential. And fun, too! I speak, I laugh, I tell jokes or stories during the shooting, it amuses me and the model of course, making the connection with the model even stronger. The results are all in my shots.

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Alessandro Guidi

    9) What makes a good model?

    The ability to have fun, to understand and play during the shooting. Her adaptation with the location, her capacity to make various expressions. There is not something worse than a model that is bored by the situation, simply standing still with same expression and waiting for the photographer to tell her everything she got to do. Usually I avoid this kind of girls (I think I have good empathy with people and recognize which model I could make a great shooting with or not), but when this happens I am the one who take 100% initiative, also if I do not have much fun that way. :(

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Alessandro Guidi

    10) Which platform and social network is closer to you and which one is more important to you and why? Flickr, 500px, Facebook, Instagram, e.t.c.

    I got plenty of socials, but it is not easy to keep all them updated, because I work a lot and have a family, too. I used to have Flickr as a catalogue of my work, also because you can post nude and uncensored pics that would be blocked elsewhere but the best way to get in touch with people and make yourself known as a photographer are Instagram and Facebook in my opinion. Recently I opened a Patreon account, where I am starting to create also more content like backstages, videos and tutorials on how I shoot and how I work, to get also some money from my art. I think I would keep using Instagram and Facebook as a window on the internet population, but all my contents and glamour and nude pics will be uploaded only on Patreon, not for free. This is due to censor, which I hate, above all. But I also think getting some money from all the work, the time spent, and the equipment bought is fair enough! Don’t you think? ;)

    11) Questions that are often asked by those who want to become a photographer, so what would you recommend for beginners? I mean camera and lens, how begin? What buy?

    I am not the right person to answer this, I think. I use few lens and my Canon EOS 5D Mark III from more then 5 years now, I am not prepared with newest products or innovations. I think the most important thing to ask yourself from the beginning is why you want to become a photographer and what kind of photography you would like to get into. If you want to shoot in studio you will need a certain kind of product, if you travel often and need some lightweight equipment then you need another, if you want just to shoot selfies to share on instagram maybe better to buy the last Samsung or Apple smartphone I think 😀

    Anyway, better look on internet forums when you are searching for suggestion on how to start, there are many out there. Buy an entry level first and learn to use it to the best! It is much better having a light and cheap camera that you know hot to use 100%, instead on spending thousands dollars or euros for a professional camera which you use to shoot only in automatic mode.

    Once you have a camera there Is only one thing to do: Shoot, shoot, shoot. Everything, everytime everywhere. Experience various weather conditions, try different light sources, experiment, play, have fun. You do not have to MAKE photography, you have to ENJOY it!

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Alessandro Guidi

    12) And question about eternal city, your favourite places in Rome? (landmarks, bars, gardens, parks, e.t.c.)

    Well, what can I say. The list of beautiful places in Rome is so long it would take a separate interview (and I speak a lot, as you have understood 😉 ). City center is majestic and wonderful of course, but what I like the most is nature; that is why I love all the beautiful natural places you can find in the eternal city, from the ancient Via Appia to the woods and fields of Villa Borghese.

    From the beautiful area of Trastevere to the Vatican, from the Colloseum to the many Villas we have I think there is no place in Rome I consider less attractive then another.

    I visited many cities but Rome has no equal: Rome caput mundi! (sorry about that, we Romans are very proud of our city and we do not take stuff very seriously after all ;) )

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    It was big interview and absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with Alessadnro from Rome, thanks!!