Interview with Swiss Fashion Photographer, Lausanne

  • Posted: 14.03.2022
  • Swiss Fashion Photographer

    1) A bit about yourself and how did you become a fashion photographer, how and when did you start your career?

    I had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember! In fact, I’ve always loved creating in general – so it was obvious that I’d be looking for a creative job. For a very brief moment, I started studying Architecture here in Switzerland. I thought it’d be serious enough (pleasing parents, society, financial expectations), yet still somewhat creative. However, I soon realized that a life’s vocation is not to be compromised. I always dreamed being a photographer, it was a gut feeling. As a teenager I’d already “pose” my friends in the garden, inspired by magazine editorials. As you can imagine, it wasn’t high fashion photography at that point, but it kept fueling the desire to do better, to one day, to it “for real”.

    At 17 I left Switzerland and started my Fine Arts and Photography studies at the Academy of Arts of San Francisco. I learned basic technicalities, started creating a more serious portfolio. After graduating in 2016, I moved to New York to begin working in the fashion industry. As an intern in a production company, my day-to-day looked a lot like in the movie “the devil wears Prada”. Lots of coffee missions and other similar bottom-of-the-ladder tasks at first. I might have not been visible at that point, but I was soaking it all in. Observing, learning, memorizing. Eventually I became Art Manager there, meaning overseeing the entire visual materials exposure.

    After lots of grinding, my visa didn’t get prolonged. What first came as a soul crushing news, turned into the opening to a new chapter. I moved to Barcelona to find a better quality of life, in a city that also covered fashion opportunities. Without speaking Spanish nor knowing anyone there, I became independent. Reaching out, networking, not giving up and creating lots of new material eventually led to my first clients, then others. And others.

    Although my small business was growing, when Covid hit I came back to my roots in Switzerland. Fresh air and mountains. What I thought to be temporary… turned out not to be. New clients, meeting my partner and more peaceful surroundings made for this new chapter to settle by itself.

    2) How has photography changed the world?

    More than photography itself, all new digital mediums and medias should be considered. What is the use of a photograph if not seen and shared?

    3) What do you like most about being a fashion and beauty photographer?

    I love the idea that it’s not about “capturing” a moment per say, but rather “creating” it. In fashion and in beauty photography, not much is left at random. Elements are meticulously chosen, and most times, it’s teamwork. It takes many sets of skills and pairs of hands to compose quality images and I love meeting people with similar overflowing passion and creativity. The synergy can be truly magical.

    Swiss Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Elo Durand

    4) What are the most common nuances during a photo shoot with models?

    I’m not sure I get the sense of that question!

    5) How would you describe your photography style?

    Clean, symmetrical, elegant, playful at times and atemporal – not inspired by the latest trends but rather by a vintage, classic aesthetic.

    Swiss Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Elo Durand

    6) Among your clients are such international brands as Diesel,, what has your experience with big brands taught you?

    You’d be surprised to know that sometimes the bigger brands are the least organized…

    That being said, each experience with established clients has been different. Some can be super prepared, and others simply give you the lead and tell you to “do what you do best”. In the end it’s about being flexible on the process and meeting expectations!

    Swiss Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Elo Durand

    7) What lenses do you use?

    This must be my least favorite question! I’ll explain. My go-to lens is the 85mm or the 70-200mm, but I also use the 24-105mm if I’m in a context where I need that flexibility. The reason I don’t love talking about gears is that too often I’ve heard people use it as an excuse or limitations for not pushing through, when in fact, great work can be achieved with anything! A smartphone even!

    8) Do you prefer studio or locations shoots?

    Depends on phases! I like the comfort of a studio for that it’s nice, warm, and somewhat predictable. It’s ideal for clean beauty work for example. But the adventurer in me will always find location shoots to be more stimulating, for the creative challenge of “making it work” no matter the conditions.

    And with challenges, comes growth!

    Swiss Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Elo Durand

    9) What makes a good model?

    It happens at times that models think of themselves as somewhat superior to the rest of the team, in some made up hierarchy of their minds. They give off an attitude of disinterest, a lack of effort in human connection, which I find problematic.

    In my book, a good model tries to understand and joins the vision of the shoot, not just show up with their standard poses and “be pretty”. The energy on set is directly linked to the quality of the images produced, and it’s therefore important that the models feels included in the team.

    Bonus for super models: not complaining or even offering to give a hand with something!

    Swiss Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Elo Durand

    10) How much do you think the nature, architecture, influences the formation of personality, character?

    Inspiration can come from anywhere, really! Our personalities can be shaped not only by nature and architecture, but from an open heart to all our surroundings - to the smallest details.

    11) Which cities do you remember the most from your travels? :)

    Whilst having lived in big metropoles, turns out I’m not that big of city person. They simply tend to look a bit the same to me… That being said, one of my favorite places on earth is the White Sand Dunes in New Mexico. Noticeably underrated, it might look like our human depiction of heaven with it’s pastel color palette and white sandbanks merging with horizon lines.

    Swiss Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Elo Durand

    12) TOP5 favourite places in Switzerland (landmarks, gardens, parks, e.t.c.) :)

    Vevey, La Dent de Jaman, Lac de Gruyère, Interlaken, Walensee!

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    It was big interview and absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with Elo from Lausanne, thanks!!