Interview with Spanish Amateur Photographer, Reus

  • Posted: 27.05.2022
  • Spanish Amateur Photographer

    1) A bit about yourself and how did you develop an interest in photography and when?

    I can’t say that I’ve been passionate about photography all my life. Actually, I have discovered it very late, when I was about 31 years old. And my interest started because a travel. I was planning a 15 days travel to Japan (travel that I’ve never done, sadly) and I though “this is a one in the time opportunity, so I need a good camera to take some good photos”. I bought a bridge camera and I’ve started to learn photography. I didn’t travel to Japan, but that it was the start of my travel in the photography world.

    2) How has photography changed the world and what does photography mean to you?

    Photography has changed the way that we see the world. Centuries ago, you had to believe in stories, what the newspapers said, viewing sculptures or paintings or draws to know how look had Cleopatra. But we can sure that all of those are true? Napoleon, it really was like in the paintings? Nowadays, everyone has a camera, and it’s more difficult to hide things, because an image is powerful, you can see exactly what happened, who did what. Photography has changed the world because it gives us knowledge, without filters.

    Spanish Nude Art Photographer

    Photo: © German Suarez

    3) What inspires you and what is the ultimate pleasure of being a photographer? Where do you get your creative inspiration?

    My main inspiration are the works of other photographers that I admire, but always trying to put part of my style on my photos, not just copying. The best pleasure is when someone who I did a shoot tells me that it loves the final results. I’m not a very creative person, actually.

    It’s hard for me to be creative, so, the work of other photographers, paintings, draws etc. are my inspiration.

    Spanish Nude Art Photographer

    Photo: © German Suarez

    4) Why nude art?

    Ah, this is a great question. I never thought that, someday, I would do nude art photography. I thought it was very difficult and, for people like me, with social anxiety, it could be worse. But a fellow photographer who some years ago organized shootings with 3 photographers and 1 model convinced me to give it a try. And I discovered that is not too different of a portrait session. Even more, it feels like that you have more freedom to try new things, to be more creative.

    5) Do you prefer studio or locations shoots?

    No doubt, locations. I started in studio, and for some kind of works you still needs a studio, but I prefer locations because you can integrate the model in it, and it’s easier to play around with rocks, trees... Or furniture if you are in a house.

    Spanish Nude Art Photographer

    Photo: © German Suarez

    6) How do you get a connection between you and the model? Any nuances before shooting?

    That’s the hardest part for me. Contact to someone that I never meet before, even though if it’s a pro model, to do a nude art shooting it’s not easy for me. Usually I start with a message or comment on social media, or model pages like Model Mayhem. Sometimes it’s the model who contacts me. I always try to be pretty clear about what I want to do, where, etc. If the model accepts, great, if not… Well, I have to start again.

    Before, during and after the shooting I’m very respectful with the model. First of all we are humans, and respect it’s a basic thing, not only in order to get good results in a shooting, but for any activity of life.

    Spanish Nude Art Photographer

    Photo: © German Suarez

    7) What makes a good model?

    I could say that having good posing skills, etc. but for me, the adaptation to the photographer style, the ability to change in a second the expressions of the face (that’s not easy at all) and know what to do in any situation, even when the photographer fails, or the ability to contribute to the shooting with ideas. But overall, the willing to have a fun time and good sense of humor.

    8) You have extensive experience with a large number of models, what is your experience in dealing with different people, what does it give you?

    As I said, it gives me anxiety 😅. Seriously speaking, I almost never had a bad experience. Even I could say that knowing all this different people give me hope for the mankind. I meet great, fun, thoughtful people, so they give me happiness.

    Spanish Nude Art Photographer

    Photo: © German Suarez

    9) Which platform and social network is closer to you and which one is more important to you and why? Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, e.t.c.

    The more important, right now, it’s Instagram. I don’t like it, but it’s the best site to find models, nowadays. The closer, it’s Flickr. Yes, it’s old, but the groups, the discussion boards… I’ve never found another platform which have these options. It’s like a community, for me. In my opinion, Flickr it’s haute cuisine, Instagram it’s fast food.

    10) What would you recommend for beginners? I mean camera and lens, how begin? What buy?

    You don’t need the latest gear (camera, lens, etc.). Buy a good camera that you can afford, it doesn’t matter if it has some years, or even is discontinued. Actually, my first reflex was a Sony A200, and I bought it pretty cheap because it was discontinued. In a nutshell, you don’t need the best camera in the world. The important is the photographer, not the gear.

    Spanish Nude Art Photographer

    Photo: © German Suarez

    11) Offtop: To what extent does the surrounding architecture influence the formation of personality? mentality, character, worldview.

    Mmmm..., a really and profound good question, but my answer is easy: I have no clue...

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    It was big interview and absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with German from Reus, thanks!!