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  • Posted: 07.07.2021
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    1) What is your blog about? contains the colors of Armenia. Traveling around Armenia made me realize that we have interesting characters, initiatives, stories. We can talk about this nonstop but in order to actually see it one must travel here and pay attention on things that usually are not seen during fast trips. So I needed a platform, i.e. a travel diary to post what I saw, felt and lived.

    2) What inspired you to start your blog?

    There is a problem everywhere. People do not appreciate what they have. Same is here in Armenia. Once we start a survey among the locals to understand what is their understanding of a vacation and which locations they have heard of so they plan their vacations the majority will give perfectly informed answers about any place that is outside of Armenia border but not inside. They are informed about others’ cuisine, history, etc.

    So here comes a question - how can we present our own country to others while we are travelling, what can we tell so people from other country will be interested to visit Armenia, how can we help our country to drive more tourists. The only answer to that is our knowledge about our country. Hence the reason why I decided to travel around the less known places in Armenia and tell about those places to locals. As we all know story telling is a powerful tool. I tell stories that I hear and see when I travel. During my trips I hear stories (a lot) from people who live in nature. Those stories inspire me, motivate me and make me move forward. So the answer to your question is “people inspired me, people who value our nature and history, who tell our story. I want those stories to be heard”

    3) What are your TOP5 favorite attractions in Armenia?

    • 1) Gyumri is a city rich in exceptional people and history, after your first visit you will want to go back again and again. The first opera house, dowry house, doors and windows, places famous for shooting Armenian films, castles, museums and many other interesting places that are worth visiting. I visit city Gyumri so several times in a year and you know why, because Gyumri is never repeated.

    • 2) Mountain Khustup - during this journey I noticed the uniqueness of mountains in Syunik province: fierce and impregnable, like a group of warriors raised, splendid, full of pride follow us and our movements from a distance. What an enormous stock of human stories they carry, how many of us they have met, heard stories and seen off in silence, without arrogance. In the world of mountains, we are an imperceptible, small mass, and once you close your eyes, sharpen your hearing, you’ll notice the parallel life that lives with you, the hard work of insects, the regular flight of birds, the harmonious and at the same time the occasional clashes and conversations of the wind and vegetation.

    • 3) Armenian Hogwarts - Real "Realakan" college. A school of magic and miracles. Unfortunately, today it's not in our territory, it is in Shushi ․․․ but it'll always be one of these top favorite places. I like traveling around the regions, visiting abandoned places, almost the largest part of my travels is spent in those places cinema hall, swimming pool, library, summer house...Destroyed buildings, preserved unique aura, the interesting fact is that these places became known to Armenians from the international platforms. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to praise the charm of the ruined buildings.

    • 4) Ughtasar - towards the beginning of civilization Ughtasar is a unique open-air museum. In Ughtasar you can discover the customs and lifestyle of our ancestors who lived in Armenia. You will find there many prehistoric petro glyphs which are 4000-7000 years old. The carvings on the stones of gray and volcanic origin, made with stone tools, most of which are considered to be memorandums, are dedicated to the life and heroic stories of the dead. The stones depict people in hunting, land cultivation, competitions, fight and dance scenes. There are many images of animals: wild and domestic bison, goats, mouflons, and deer.

    • 5) Kachaghakaberd - legend about the fortress. On a high forested hill, it is impossible not to notice the top of a steeply rising mountain. The lush nature will take you to the world of magicians; you'll start to think about the existence of good airy spirits living in the forest. You open the door, cross the threshold and find yourself in a wonderful magical world, a place where there are living plants, birds, and every angle can be turned into a fairy tale in an instant. The area of the fortress may seem small from a distance, but in reality it is quite large. Some of the halls of the castle, the secret entrances on the rocks, the warehouses, as well as the firing range from where the enemies were lapidated are still preserved.

    Armenian blogger

    Photo: © Lilit Khachaturyan

    4) Your TOP3 places in Yerevan

    Streets of Yerevan are very beautiful, I like walking in the city. It's difficult to separate a unique place. I like studying buildings, architectural solutions; by the way, I’m starting Yerevan series, which will contain both the stories about buildings and the characters and initiatives.

    5) Please share any funny travel stories while discovering Armenia?

    Recently, due to my style change, people confuse me with a foreigner, they respond me in Russian, and when I continue speaking in Armenian, they get surprised. Each trip has its own unique fun story. Once I was invited to a house and for a while all the neighbors came and it turned that they planned to match me with an unmarried boy from their village. Another amusing story was that we were hosted in a house in another village and I felt that the woman of the house was very excited, I inquired about the problem? she answered that she was waiting for her husband to come in order to help her to make an Armenian dolma /i.e. stuffed grape leaves/. I said that I would help her with great pleasure, so we sat down, talked and made dolma together.

    Armenian blogger

    Photo: © Lilit Khachaturyan

    6) What are some of your ‘can't-live-without’ accessories?

    Notebook to write down the works, to manage and not forget anything. In general, my work and travels have a clear schedule, I write down everything in a notebook; it allows me to have a planned day, to be more organized. Of course, the daily development of IT allows for more modern planning, but I'm faithful to the paper and pen.

    7) What’s your best travel tip to people travelling in Armenia

    My website is the complete answer to this question. has headlines: things to see or do, discoveries, directions, costs. By the way, I always hear that planning to rest in Armenia is too expensive. And when I started traveling through the country, I decided to have a headline on my blog, where I will present where and how much money you need to rest. Believe me, you don’t need a lot of money at all. You can find a guest house for 5 thousand drams a day or live in a very expensive hotel. It all depends on what you expect from your trip.

    8) What needs to be done to make traveling in Armenia more popular?

    Storytelling: the more we talk and present Armenia, the more people will be interested. Stories, photos and events, believe me everything will work out.

    9) Are you going to travel the world with your blog, if yes, your first country will be?!

    Other countries that I have in mind are China, then Japan, and Indian. Places where the culture was developed from centuries back. I guess my 1st one after pandemia will be backpacking around China.

    Armenian blogger

    Photo: © Lilit Khachaturyan

    10) How has the pandemic affected domestic tourism?

    Tourism is one of the fields that suffered most by coronavirus in Armenia. Travel companies, hotel and catering facilities, because of the closed borders of the country during the pandemic recorded a huge decline in revenue. But it also has its positive side, finally Armenians started traveling through Armenia and got acquainted with the country. It’ll sound a little bit strange but during the pandemic in addition of discovering the country Armenians started to get to know each other as well.

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    It was absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with Lilit from Yerevan, thanks!!