Interview with Italian Fashion Photographer

  • Posted: 26.09.2021
  • Italian Fashion Photographer

    1) How did you develop an interest in photography and why did you choose to pursue a career as a photographer?

    I started to be passionate about photography since the days of school, in which I had it as a school subject, in 1985, the old Nikon fe2, film development and printing, and then over time I switch to digital.

    2) How has photography changed the world and what does photography mean to you?

    I believe that there are different ways of seeing and interpreting photography, as far as I'm concerned I went through several genres to then understand that the right one for me was the portrait, in all its various expressions.

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Luca Santoro

    3) From your point of view, what makes a good picture?

    I think that having a beautiful and good model helps a lot, the photographer has the task of managing the light and the photographic technique, it is the most important thing, also trying to put the model at ease is a fundamental component.

    4) What inspires you and what is the highest pleasure of the photographer?

    The thing that inspires me the most are the other good photographers, you must always try to draw the best from others while maintaining your own style, my greatest pleasure is when your work is appreciated, both by them. who work with me, than by those who look at my photographs.

    5) Where do you get your creative inspiration?

    As I said in the previous answer from the photos of other photographers and from what surrounds us.

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Luca Santoro

    6) Which is your favorite lens? Why?

    My favorite lens is the 85mm 1.4 for outdoor shooting, perfect for portrait and bokeh, I also love the 135mm 1.8.

    For studio photos I use the 24-70mm 2.8 a lot with three elinchrome spots.

    7) What are the features of fashion photography?

    I guess , in order to land good job offers, fashion photographer aspirants must possess the following qualities: good eye and artistic ability, strong ability to capture and set a certain mood, superb artistic detail.

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Luca Santoro

    8) Can you tell me the story of your favorite photo that stands out?!

    My favorite photo I took outside with my model Alice, she has a long red dress with a dizzying slit and she is lying on the stairs, the lines of her body are very harmonious and also the contrast between the color of the dress and I really like the stairs.

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Luca Santoro

    9) How would you describe your photography style?

    I think I have a simple style, and with the very light post production, I like that my photographs do not differ too much from reality, I don't like to change the model's face too much, I find that it must be recognized from the photo I took, I just take off some small imperfections.

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Luca Santoro

    10) 3 cons and pros of models? :)

    I really like interacting with people, with the pros and cons of each case, clearly with some I have more feeling than with others but quite normal, I only ask for respect for the work I do, since I treat them all with the utmost respect.

    Italian Fashion Photographer

    Photo: © Luca Santoro

    11) What do you like most about being a photographer?

    I like meeting new people, I also really like keeping up to date on new techniques or new models of cameras and lenses, it is also very nice to travel and take pictures of new landscapes and places.

    12) Your favourite places in Brescia?

    In my city, I love practically everything, from the castle to the historic center, the cafes in the center where you can have a drink, the pizzerias, up to Lake Garda which is a wonderful place

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    It was big interview and absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with Luca from Brescia, thanks!!