Interview with Spanish Wedding Photographer, Valencia

  • Posted: 17.02.2022
  • Spanish Wedding Photographer

    1) How did you get interested in photography and what age did you start becoming a professional photographer?

    Since I was a child I have had many concerns, many related to artistic expression: music, writing, photography, etc... I began to play with photography when I was 10 years old, and I continued as an amateur there until I was 29 years old. Since then I have been a professional (I am currently 45 years old).

    2) How has photography changed the world and what does photography mean to you?

    I have always said that photography is "a weapon of mass construction". We live surrounded by technology and we constantly interact with it, a good use of photography can do very good things for people.

    Personally it changed my life. I had health problems for some years, and photography helped me as a therapy to get out of them. I used it as a kind of therapy.

    3) From your point of view, what makes a good wedding picture?

    Undoubtedly it must be a photograph that does not take into account aesthetics, and if the feeling of the precise moment that you are going to photograph. Keep in mind that a wedding is a few hours in which you are going to gather all the people you want (once in a lifetime).

    Spanish Wedding Photographer

    Photo: © Manuel Orero

    4) What inspires you and what is the highest pleasure of the photographer?

    The happiness of people. The inspiration is that, to project how your happiness will be when you see a real photograph, and to know how to empathize when doing it.

    5) Can you tell me the story of your favorite photo that stands out?

    I can tell you the story of many, but I cannot choose one in particular. Yes, I will tell you that any in which the couple's grandparents appear. Keep in mind that photography is probably the greatest source for keeping memories. When our grandparents are no longer around, we can see their happiness in them. Those are my favorites, and I could tell you that most couples thank me once again for capturing those moments when their elders are gone.

    Spanish Wedding Photographer

    Photo: © Manuel Orero

    6) What do you like most about being a wedding photographer?

    I am a very sociable person, I love meeting new people and new places. Photography has given me that, and it is very valuable. Keep in mind that weddings are social events; if you don't have skills in them (I'm not talking about photography) it's difficult to dedicate yourself to this. I love it.

    Spanish Wedding Photographer

    Photo: © Manuel Orero

    7) What is the difference between the Spanish style of wedding photography from others?

    Currently I don't think there are very different styles between cultures. Keep in mind that almost all weddings have had American weddings as a reference. Perhaps I would highlight one thing about weddings in Spain: the cheerful character of people and that we love a party, and that is where we try to get the best out of it.

    8) What are the most common nuances during a wedding?

    There is a protocol to always follow, even if we do wedding photojournalism and narrate what is happening naturally and spontaneously. This protocol must be followed: photos of both families, details of the place where the wedding is held, details of the dresses, etc...

    Spanish Wedding Photographer

    Photo: © Manuel Orero

    9) Which is your favorite lens? Why?

    Since I started it has always been the same, the 85mm f1.4. It's a lens that lets you "steal" moments without being too close to people. Its bokeh is beautiful, and makes the focus go to the eye of the protagonist or protagonists. (I have an f/1.4 tattooed on my forearm).

    Spanish Wedding Photographer

    Photo: © Manuel Orero

    10) Questions that are often asked by those who want to become a photographer, what would you recommend for upcoming photographers?

    That they find the style of photography that identifies them as people. That they be honest with themselves and with their future clients. You must believe and love what you do, avoid comparisons, and make your partners see that you are going to give them the best you have.

    Spanish Wedding Photographer

    Photo: © Manuel Orero

    11) Your TOP5 favourite places in Valencia

    Barrio de El Carmen
    Parque Natural Chera-Sot de Chera (my residence)
    Barrio de El Cabanyal
    Parque Natural de La Albufera
    Devesa de El Saler

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    It was big interview and absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with Manuel from Valencia, thanks!!