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  • Posted: 06.07.2021
  • Italian Vlogger

    1) Tell us about yourself?

    I was born in a town north of Rome near a lake, but my family has always been from the area south of Rome since generations. I can say that I always had a passion for traveling since I was a kid.

    I’ve lived abroad since I was a teen, as from the age of 16 years old I had the opportunity to live and study in a high school in Canada for some time.

    My parents were always trying to let me and my brother see as much as we could in Italy but also abroad; I have been always grateful to them as they truly managed to open up to us all the different realities and lifestyles since we were very young.

    Later on, I studied political sciences and international relations in Trieste, a fantastic city at the border with Slovenia (unfortunately often overlooked by foreign tourists!), and then I finished my master’s degree studies in Russia, St.Petersburg, where I lived for about 2 years and working also there as… a foreign language teacher. I loved my experience in Russia and I miss “Piter” very much too.

    Later on I had an experience of working in the Netherlands in an international organization; that experience was also a fantastic one and I still remember that time as one of the happiest ever.

    Then came back, and now work as a management consulting in international standards , plus in some other private projects.

    My main hobbies are traveling, aviation and drones, in that order I guess!

    2) What inspired you to start your youtube channel "Still Wanderer - Italy in 4k"?

    I always loved travelin, especially, I always had a passion of traveling in remote areas and towns; I’ve traveled quite a lot around Europe and everytime I was always intrigued of traveling to unknown towns outside the main cities… I’ve rode in trains and in remote areas truly “in the middle of nowhere” in many countries, either alone or when visiting friends, or with a companion. Sometimes I think… if only I started filming those trips before!

    I was always fascinated by similar channels existing in Youtube, mostly about Japan… I remember I watched, about 4 years ago, a fantastic walking video in a “mostly unknown” suburb in Tokyo and I loved it to bits! I thought about doing something similar to that in Italy back then, it was around 2017 or so, but… I just couldn’t start for one reason or another. Then, a series of events happening in 2018-2019, especially in my personal life, made me realize I “had to do some hobby”. I wasn’t passing the best of times during the summer of 2019… so, basically, in order “not too think too much” I started filming around where I lived. I wanted to mainly show the “forgotten towns” of Italy for two reasons; the first, is that I always traveled like this and the second was that I couldn’t find a similar channel focused on these tiny towns; I found there existed a very famous, beautiful and huge channel for walks in Italy, but it mostly showed famous and touristic places. And so the idea started, mainly as a time-consuming hobby!

    3) From your point of view, what makes a good video?

    It took me many months and videos to slowly understand how to properly film locations. I believe a good video mainly must focus on image quality, it’s a bit of a clichè, but… it’s still probably the most important feature. Though, it can happen that a video which, for me, is very beautiful, is instead considered mediocre by Youtube algorithm for many reasons, which I still need to understand :)

    Amalfi Coast by Still Wanderer - Italy in 4k

    4) What are some of your ‘can't-live-without’ accessories during video tours?

    Water! That’s a must I understood very early on. It’s not an accessory per-se of course but… a good planning and bottles of water are always the best companions in these walks. Another accessory I can think of ... are a very good and comfortable pair of shoes and a good battery-pack for the devices; they are always the minimum accessories I take with myself. Nowadays the accessories are incredibly many, since I try also to film bicycle tours, and I have a full room of instruments , devices, sticks, etc etc. Maybe too many!

    Rome surroundings

    Photo: © Riccardo

    5) What advice would you give to those who want to start filming a travel video?

    I would say that if one loved doing this before beginning, it’s like if it’s almost already done in a way! It’s the pleasure of visiting places and trying to share them with others that truly gives the biggest joy. My channel is still a small channel compared to some behemoth in the Youtube fauna, so I can’t really suggest anything special. I always say to myself that “as long as I find pleasure doing this, I’ll continue” and I suggest the same to others.

    6) During the tours you see a lot of different architecture, how do you think how much architecture influences the formation of a person, his character and life in general?

    This is a very interesting question for many reasons. I love psychology and studied some in my university studies, as well as sociology, so the link between architecture and humans’ characters is definitely an interesting topic to me. I remember studying Montesquieu’s link in his theory about the behavior of the different populations based on the climate or weather that was present in each country where people lived in and I always found that fascinating. We can add architecture to that as well. Not only him, but we can trace that back to ancient Greeks and their ideas about the different populations. Having lived in very cold countries and in hot countries as well, it’s something palpable; I believe there is a truth in the idea of a “philosophy of architecture” on all of us!

    7) Your favourites rione in Rome and why?

    Good question: I love Trastevere (I know… I know..) but I also love EUR district. So different between each other, yet so in love with both. The wide and enormous alleys of the EUR district are refreshing sometimes, while the tiny cobblestones streets of Trastevere are amazing for a more intimate or cosy day’s end… at each state of mind, I prefer both opposites!

    8) So, of course…gourmet question :), your favorite TOP 5 restaurants in Rome!

    Ah! This is tough.. I would change the question and ask the readers; try to move a little out and you’ll be shocked! The small restaurants in the area of the Castelli Romani south of Rome are incredible.. yet so not well known. I would suggest tourists to take a train up to Frascati and then Castel Gandolfo and tour the little towns there; you’ll have a fantastic panorama on Rome itself, it will be fresher than the hot roman summer days, and you’ll have genuine cuisine as well))

    • 1) I cacciatori in Genzano di Roma for some typical food (wild game)
    • 2) Osteria della Stazione in Marino
    • 3) Osteria deGusto Bistrot in Ariccia
    • 4) Hostaria Da Sora Lella in Ariccia
    • 5) The many typical “fraschette” in Ariccia with the famous “porchetta” dish.

    Rome surroundings

    Photo: © Riccardo

    9) Tell us 5 things to do in Rome until leave :)

    This can be a very personal question, as it depends on what one loves for sure! Rome has so much to offer it’s difficult to write about only 5, but… I’ll try, considering my ideas of traveling.
    For me, the top 5 things to do in Rome would be…

    • 1) Vatican Museums, one cannot simply skip this. You can be a history or art lover or completely not into it, but it’s definitely a must for everyone for its magnificence and for the spectacular collections that one can find inside.
    • 2) A visit to Rome’s many parks , starting with Villa Borghese of course and Pincio, but also in smaller parks and especially the park Savello and Villa Doria Pamphili The visit of the Galleria Borghese inside the park is, at least for me, a must, as it’s truly a magnificent villa and the collection of the Borghese family is quite spectacular.
    • 3) A visit to the Orto Botanico near Trastevere, under the Gianicolo. It’s stunning and definitely worth a visit. I always loved visiting botanical gardens anyway, but it’s definitely like entering in another dimension from the outside world.
    • 4) A walk in the Appian Way is, for me, a must… it can take a full day or even more, and if one can rent a bike it can be even better… but to just stroll there and stop at the so many monuments , the Villa of the Quintilii, the so many funerary builidings, the medieval watchtowers… it’s stunning. One can truly escape the noise of Rome and immerse oneself inside another dimension; the roman past is truly there, untouched even though showing signs of damage and of a suffering past.
    • 5) A relaxing walk inside the historical center of course, from Trastevere to Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Pantheon… not to forget to watch casually a Caravaggio in Santa Maria del Popolo, or to casually watch a Bernini fountain in so many places (Piazza Navona and piazza Barberini for instance)

    Rome surroundings

    Photo: © Riccardo

    10) Places you loved while traveling outside of Italy?!

    Hard to answer as I truly always had a love for every places I saw… If I should at least name a few, I would say I truly loved Armenia… it’s one of those places I always felt a great attachment to.. I remember taking a rental car in winter and going to Lake Sevan.. many great memories. Loved immensely also Uzbekistan and the Baltic countries; the nature up there is truly like nothing I ever saw, and Uzbekistan was a jump in a different planet, back in 2009… But there are so many I would still like to visit so I hope I’ll be able to do it. I believe the state of mind of the person visiting is the most important recipe to find beauty around us though!

    11) How has the pandemic affected on travelling? and what tasks for the future of travel world?

    In a way, the pandemic was a real obstacle for a small “traveling” channel like mine, but in general, it was hard only for a few months, as I could discover nearby cities, some tours in Rome, little towns in Lazio, so it wasn’t a huge obstacles as compared to other people who shoots in very remote countries or areas. In a way, it was maybe a time to reflect and think about possible future solutions and locations to discover.

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    It was big interview and absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with Riccardo from near Rome, thanks!!