Interview with Spanish Wedding Photographer, Mallorca

  • Posted: 19.03.2022
  • Spanish Wedding Photographer, Mallorca

    1) How did you get interested in photography and what age did you start becoming a professional photographer?

    Hi. Thank you for this Interview.

    I got interested in movies when I was 16 years old. I used to watch many movies, and I like the idea of sharing my vision by doing movies.

    But when I was 20 years old I started studying photography in Mallorca.

    This is when I fell in love. The power of a single photography is amazing! Something so simple can make you feel so much power.

    Only one imagen can touch your heart.

    So after my studies I did some social photography in Mallorca, and I started looking for what was really important to me, my way.

    So after a few years and also after my wedding I felt the power of that simple and beautiful moment, and I thought “this is what I want to do”. I started in 2014 as a professional photographer in Chile. By then I was 28 years old. and I created my vision step by step. Now I create real photographies of love, family, newborn and weddings in Mallorca.

    Spanish Wedding Photographer, Mallorca

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    2) How has photography changed the world and what does photography mean to you?

    Wow, before photography only the powerful people had the power to have their memories of family, portraits of grannys and create memories of beautiful moments. Now everyone has that power…for the precious moment in history we know many things thanks to someone who wanted to create a picture. Now we can see in the moment what is happening all over the world.

    But I have to say… When you have something so easy sometimes you don't see the importance . the people take for granted something that they shouldn't

    Photography means a lot to me, know your past, don't forget the good and the bad. It is so important in life, and photography helps a lot. It makes a difference in a good way.

    3) From your point of view, what makes a good wedding picture?

    I concentrate on the important thing, that is love, real connection, beautiful moments, the work of the photographer is to be there, make the best frame you can with what you have, and don't disturb that precious moment.

    For me, a good wedding picture is the magic and emotion you can feel when you see the picture.

    if you can hear it, smell it or feel what is inside, if you can focus only on the people, I think we have to forget about the idea of “having to do something”. What you must do is not something that I´m looking for.

    Spanish Wedding Photographer, Mallorca

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    4) What do you like most about being a wedding photographer, what inspires you?

    At first, I got inspiration from my love, my family, and my love for nature. I see every wedding as a unique, special, and amazing moment.

    To be there, connect with amazing people and capture one of the most beautiful moments of their life is amazing. make the families happy. After many years, on the anniversary many families write to me so they want to thank me because every time they see the pictures of their weddings they enjoy it and it makes them really happy.

    This means the world to me.

    A few months ago a pregnant woman told me that she had the best experience and photos ever, she cried with happiness. and this is so magical to me. create something special you know will last for a lifetime. These beautiful moments don't take too long, if you lose a moment they will never come back, and I am certain of that. I'm serious about the importance of that moment and I put all my energy so I can make the new family happy

    Mallorca Wedding Photographer

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    5) What are the most common nuances during a wedding photoshoot?

    For me, it's that they connect with the love they have for each other.

    Every couple is different, but the emotion, the happiness are some things that are usually there, sometimes there are more nerves, sometimes they are more festive, religious,

    The most common is the affection for their family and friends and all the guests who accompany them, also valuing the process that led them to the culmination of the big day.

    Spanish Fashion Photographer, Mallorca

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    6) How to prepare for wedding photography for the bride and groom and your top tip :)

    A week before the wedding I sent a pdf with some advice. and also I like to have a pre wedding photoshoot so they know how it is gonna be everything.

    I like to get to know them. I connect with the important thing for them and my vision of love in life, be thankful for everything in life, what we have is so precious, only to be here alive is magical.

    Sometimes when the grooms are nervous I only talk to them, so they connect, looking and focusing on the stories they have lived together

    Spanish Wedding Photographer, Mallorca

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    7) You also take family photos, like the birth of new families, what are your emotions during such photoshoots?

    Yes, I do family sessions like Christmas, birthdays, ceremonies, pregnancy and my favorite is to be there in the magical moment of birth, in the house or hospital.

    It is amazing to see the next steps of the family.. how everyone grows, see the magical moment of pregnancy, the birth, and the baby in the newborn. I love the family´s spirit

    Spanish Family Photographer

    Spanish Family Photographer

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    8) What lenses do you use for wedding photography? Which is your favorite lens?

    I work with Canon and My favorite is 35mm . but I like 28-70 because it is so fast in a short time you can do so many photos.

    9) What are some of your ‘can't-live-without’ accessories during photography?

    For me its super necessary have a small optical cloth so I can have always clean my lenses. my glasses and sunglass, extra clothing for me, monopod, extra batteries galore for my 4 flashes.

    Always my charger, and at least 5 more batteries for my camera. lots of memories cards :)

    Spanish Wedding Photographer, Mallorca

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    10) What would you recommend for upcoming photographers?, Some advice from Roxana Ramirez :)

    Understand that photography is a long-distance race, that you work with people and that you are creating powerful moments, be very clear about it, do not take it lightly or believe that it is simple. if it seem easy it is because it is well done, not because it is simple to do.

    So I advise you to accompany experienced wedding photographers first so that you integrate with the rhythms in the different situations and with that experience you will be able to advance little by little, always informing the bride and groom of your lack of expertise, but telling them what do you have in your hurt.

    Spanish Wedding Photographer, Mallorca

    Photo: © Roxana Ramirez

    11) 5 things to do in Palma de Mallorca until leave :)

    Mallorca has incredible places, a perfect combination of nature, beautiful cities and towns and charming beaches, in the summer Mallorca shines with splendor, some famous towns are Valldemossa and Soller, I like a lot and both are in the Sierra de Tramuntana.

    The beaches are incredible with warm water, there are many beautiful ones, one that fascinates me is called Sa Calobra, it is very difficult to access but it is wonderful.
    1) Go to Sa Calobra and enjoy the beache
    2) Have an almond granizado in Valldemossa
    3) Have an icecream in Soller
    4) Walk and visit to the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca
    5) A bike ride along paseo Maritimo in Palma

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    It was big interview and absolutely great, it’s a honor to have an opportunity interview with Roxana photographer from Palma de Mallorca, thanks!!